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    In our interconnected world, what happens around the globe affects every country, every business and every household, including those in Japan. While Japan’s economy remains a dynamic one despite the global downturn, it is not immune to common threats like weaker consumption, currency volatility, and lack of liquidity. The leaders of Japan’s thriving mid-market companies are entrusted with masterfully driving the engine of growth on a road ridden with challenges. Chief Executive Officers and entrepreneurs are hard at work – they are busy figuring out the needs of the new global marketplace and fostering innovation while delivering new goods and services more efficiently. Japan’s commanders in chief are exploring ways to increase productivity and enhance performance with tighter budgets and fewer resources. CEOs are focused on raising profits through sustainable practices of social responsibility. With global economic stability fundamental to Japan’s longstanding economic resilience, corporate leaders need to come together and exchange ideas on how to stimulate recovery and create a brighter future.

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